Niue Youth Network was founded in Apelila 2015 as a youth branch of the Vagahau Niue trust. The group was formed after a fono was held in Apelila to focus on ways to promote the maintenance and use of our precious Vagahau Niue amongst our Fuata Niue living in Niu Silani.

This page is part of an online social media movement aimed at encouraging our Fuata Niue to embrace the love of being Niuean. It is to encourage the everyday use of Vagahau Niue and to connect Niue youth in New Zealand providing networking opportunities. Niue Youth Network host different events throughout the year for Niue youth by Niue youth. Regardless of your level of fluency, all Niue youth are encouraged and welcomed to become apart of our database.
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4 Comments on “Niue Youth Network (NZ)”

  1. Fakaue lahi mahaki ke he tau Fuata Niue ne taute e Vagahau Hafagi mo e Fakamonuina ha tautolu he Po Faiumu ke lata mo e Faahi Tapu Vagahau Niue. Hohoko e manava he fakanogonogo ki a mutolu e tau Fuata Lekaleka ha Niue ne fakamatala mo e fakaaoga e Vagahau he Motu. Fuluola foki mo e tau leo lologo. Haia ma tau fuata fakamalolo ke taute e tau gahua mo totou aki e higoa he Motu ko Niue. Mahuiga a tautolu.ha ko mutolu ma tau fanau fakahelehele. I am so proud of you all. You have excellent Group Leaders but you all shone on Saturday night. The Togan youth I spoke to was so pleased to be included in the Niue Youth Team. Carlos Tupu, Tammy Kingi Falakoa, Rennie Douglas, Amber Patutaue, and many more. Oue, Oue Tulutulou Tau Fuata Matakau Vagahau Niue. With you at the helm our Aga Fakamotu will survive. Bless you all.

  2. I’m Niuean and live in Australia and wish there was so.ething this over here I’m trying to learn Niuean language myself off the internet but it is very hard. Is there anyone use may know I can co tact in Australia to connect with more niuean and learn our culture??

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