Inaugural Vagahau Niue Week 2012

(06 – 13 October 2012)

Fakaalofa lahi atu.  The goal of the Vagahau Niue Week is, “Ke fakamau, fakamanatu mo e fakaaoga tumau e Vagahau Niue”, that is, “to maintain, retain and develop Vagahau Niue (Niue language)”

The Vagahau Niue Trust celebrates Vagahau Niue Week in collaboration with the support and assistance of the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs; and other major stakeholders: Manukau Institute of Technology; Auckland Museum, The Domain; the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa; Radio531pi; Human Rights Commission; Favona Primary School; and the Unitec Pasifika Student Recruitment.

We also especially acknowledge the support of the former MPIA CEO, Dr Colin Tukuitonga and Her Excellency Jacobsen, High Commissioner, the Office of the Niue High Commission to NZ.

The theme of the Inaugural Vagahau Niue Week is, “Fakafiafiaaga ma e Vagahau Niue” or “the celebration of Vagahau Niue”.

This year, the Vagahau Niue Trust celebrates the Inaugural Vagahau Niue Week with the support of the following stakeholders: Tufuga Pule Fakamotu (with special mention of Sionepaea Kumitau NZOM & Tau Mamatua Pulotu); Kautaha Aoga Niue; Favona ATPL Favona School; “Pulapulaola” ATPL Koru School; Wellington: Niue Aoga Tama Ikiiki Toru Fetu Kindergarten; Niue Kaufakalataha Wellington Region (Inc); and Niue St James (St Giles) Presbyterian Church; South Pacific Radio; Tapu Vaha Aoga Niue; Niue at Tamaki College; Tupumaiaga a Niue Trust; Tukemau (special mention Walter Togiamua); Tu Tagaloa Trust, and others.

Special events will be featured across the motu and week; and in particular, the blessing of the ATPL Pulapulaola Centre; the launching of four Vagahau Niue-Vagahau Papaa’alagi books for preschool and primary school children, produced with the support of the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs; an Inaugural Poetry Evening; a fashion show; focused events at the Auckland Museum, Te Papa Museum and a range of other attractions!

The Inaugural Vagahau Niue Week is a national platform for raising the critical demise of Vagahau Niue.  Its primary goal is to ensure Vagahau Niue speakers use, maintain, retain and develop Vagahau Niue within families, communities and households.

Niue peoples are the fourth largest Pacific community living in Aotearoa NewZealand, comprising 22,473 or eight percent of the Pacific population.  Most Niue peoples in the world (74 percent) were born inNew Zealand; and most live in the Auckland region.  In 2006, 25 percent of the Niue population living in New Zealand were able to hold an everyday conversation in Vagahau Niue; however, only 11 percent of the New Zealand-born Niue population were able to speak Vagahau Niue.

We encourage and urge all Niue to learn introductory Vagahau Niue, visit; and for more information, contact [email protected].

Download the program for the week here.

Kia fakamonuina mai e Ia e Vagahau Niue, Iehova he vaha loto…Vagahau Niue Trust.